Creativity and secret recipes

In the barn, attached to the farmhouse, we have created a modern processing workshop where to create sauces, pickles and vegetables in oil, compotes and fruit preserves, purees and juices from the products we grow.

We opted for quality, through the use of equipment that allows us to work fine products by modifying them as little as possible.

A vacuum enables us to cook raw materials at low temperature (65° C) and takes a short time: this procedure keeps unchanged the original characteristics of the product, which would not be possible with standard cooking at 100° C.

Since food safety is also a fundamental factor, a professional pasteurizer/sterilizer.

Our final products
Over time, we have implemented a wide range of products (more than 80), ranging from fruit and vegetable compotes to sauces and spicy creams, from vegetables in oil to tomato flesh, from ketchup to sauces to be used on barbecue cooked meats. Look at the e-commerce page.
Work on commission
Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and our long-time experience we are able to process fruit and vegetables for third parties. We can use your personal recipes or choose them together.
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